Doppelgangster | About
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An international performance company currently creating work in the UK and Australia. Doppelgangster creates iconoclastic, politically charged, entertainment. The shows operate to encourage critique of contemporary issues at local, national and global levels. Doppelgangster responds to urgent concerns such as climate change, migration, community and class. The company is creating work for unconventional spaces, using intimate face-to-face encounters, large scale spectacle, and online environments

Doppelgangster has received direct support from National Theatre Wales, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Chapter Arts and MKA: Theatre of New Writing, and indirect support from the Australia Council of the Arts, and Esmee Fairbairn Foundation.


Tobias A.E. Manderson-Galvin

AKA Lucky Tobie
AKA Boygerms
AKA Defender of Men & Guardian of Fortune
AKA He Who Comforts
AKA The Bright
AKA The Living
AKA The Minister for Owls

Dr Tom Payne

AKA Thomas Payne, PhD.
AKA Captain Tom
AKA The Twin
AKA The Pagan
AKA The Canary
AKA The Citizen
AKA The Ecstatic Truther



Ruby Donohoe (Australia)
Jules ‘Crazy Legs’ Pascoe (Australia)


Rachel Helena Walsh (Ireland/Wales) | Performer
Jimin Lim (Korea) | Director, Performer
Jules ‘Crazy Legs’ Pascoe (Australia) | Composer, Jazzman
Jorge Lizalde (Spain/Wales) | Photographer, Videographer
High Speed Wilson (England) | Creative Producer, Consultant
Antoinette Barboutis (Australia) | Scenographer

Annual Reports