Doppelgangster | BABY
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By the Audience & Tobias Manderson-Galvin & Dr Tom Payne

Doppelgangster & MKA | Theatre of New Writing in association with VAULT Festival present

by T. Manderson-Galvin + T. Payne

BABY is a 1985 American adventure fantasy film; what your lover calls you; and your mother calls you. An inconoclastic, rhapsodic and ice-cold performance on the problem of human agency.

This work will be enjoyed by you if you like: Throwing Bricks Through Windows, Enjoying, and a polar bear eating its young.

“In a universe where all seek the true face under the mask , the best way to mislead is to wear the mask of truth itself ” – S. Zizek

“Sometimes I put on a ski mask and dress in old clothes, go out on the streets and beg for quarters.” – Mike Tyson

“Polar bears… they’re just used as a deceitful heartthrob; you know, to pluck your heartstrings.” – Piers Corbyn

Text-based, post-dramatic, political satire that is mostly as described in the image above; an audience with a polar bear; a victim of climate change, forced migration and globalisation. You are what you eat and this beast has eaten it’s young, your young and smoked the entire meth crisis.

27 January – 7 February, 8pm Nightly

The Pit, Waterloo Vaults

Yes it is.

21st Century +

World Premiere from Winner of VAULT Festival 2015 ‘Origins Award’ for Outstanding Original Work

written, performed and like generally you know all that business
by T. Manderson-Galvin + T. Payne

visual design
by Antoinette Barboutis

by Jules Pascoe

The company of anarchic Australian playmakers were driving forces behind the acclaimed ‘Please Dont Talk About Me When I’m Gone’, Vault 2015. MKA are renowned for staging the work no-one else will; for every conceivable reason. Violent. Political. Entertaining.
“theatrical mavericks” – THE AGE

TOBIAS MANDERSON-GALVIN is a performer, performance maker and Artistic Director based in Melbourne, Australia. He co-founded MKA in 2010; Doppelgangster in 2015 and first had a terrorist ranking back in 2004. His works include ‘The Economist’, ‘Dogmeat’ & ‘Lucky’.

TOM PAYNE, PhD is able to throw a playing card with pinpoint precision.

— ON THE Award Winning 2015 MKA VAULT Festival show:
“Fresh, demanding; brilliantly subversive.” – Londonist
“Intense & Unsparing… a punk grandeur” – LondonTheatre1

— ON THE recent Doppelgangster show ‘Doppelgangster’s TITANIC’

“A heroic performance.” – CCQ Magazine
“Totally disrespectful to the victims. One Star.”

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